The Unresolved Tragedy in Aleppo

The recent tragic bombardment in Aleppo has caused death to over 200 people, and more innocent citizens are injured as a result of the ongoing civil war between Syrian government and the rebel forces. The once essential city with economic importance in Syria was deprived of hope and liveliness. The attack was reported to be the most intense strike in six years, and gas poisoning was also used in the series of attacks. What makes the attack inhuman is the ruination of hospitals and schools, including citizens’ shelters, which leaves thousands of people homeless without proper medical assistance.

The “Indiscriminate Shelling”

Ban ki-moon, the general secretary of United Nations condemned the aerial attacks in Aleppo as brutal and indiscriminate, while most casualties are unarmed citizens. As the last operating hospital in east Aleppo was destroyed, the residents are in serious concern of their access medical facilities. In fact, the bombardment has targeted on hospitals and schools, and leaves those in need for medical sources in desperation.


In the fellow reports by The Guardian, doctors said that medicines and vaccines are in shortage. Patients with critical wounds had to be abandoned in the hospital due to bombing, and babies were dying because the oxygen tanks were out of function. More than 250,000 civilians are now trapped in east Aleppo without sufficient food and medical supplies.


The ongoing civil war

Behind the disastrous war in Syria is the complicated and unresolved political turmoil. Since Arab Spring in 2011, rebellions have risen against Bashar al-Assad, who leads the long term totalitarian regime of Shia Islam. Most rebels are the suppressed Sunni Muslims. While religion has been the existing source of conflicts, Syria is caught in a bigger disturbance by the current political struggles with Isis.


The emergence of ISIS has shifted the stance of great powers in the world. Once in support of the rebels, U.S has turned to the unpopular Assad in face of Isis. While Russia is still backing up Assad regime, it constantly provides military weapons to the government, and took a part in the bombing in Aleppo. Many questioned the sensibility of Russia’s statement of bombing, which aims to ensure security of Iraq from Isis, which is nevertheless 400 km from border with Iraq.


Aleppo is the victim under the religiously and politically unresolvable conflicts. The once largest city in Syria with economic importance is torn between military confrontation between the government and rebellions. Since claiming the city could be a boost for Syrian government’s legitimacy, the intense civil war will not cease in the near future.



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