Theatre Script- The Performance



She is usually the leader of the group. Other people rely on her opinion. Her personality is calm and rational, and she often hides her secret deep inside her heart. However, as the last performance approaches, she begins to feel the pressure and questions the meaning of it.


She is energetic and innocent, and she enjoys creating her fantasy in fairytales. Her body movements are also cheerful. Acting is a way for her to cope with the reality and forget about the death of her family. She views highly of the last performance and strives to make the best of it.


He resents the world and the war after his brother dies, and his speech is often sarcastic and intense, but he changes a lot after he join others to perform. He cares a lot about his friends and would do anything to keep the group together.


He is traumatized during the war thus he often engages only in his own world, and his friends try to protect him from knowing about the reality. Others do not understand his words because they do not make sense, but his words are often words of wisdom.

Mrs. Robinson:

She is strong supporter of the group’s performances, and she is able to arrange venues for them because of her relationship with a guard. However, David especially despises on her because he thinks she betrays them all by falling in love with the enemy that locks everyone up.

Prison Guard




Scene one

Music of Bob Dylan’s Masters of War begins to play.


 It is almost dawn, Alice, David and John lie closely to keep each other warm. Their clothes are ragged. The prison guard with a stick in his arm walks around and inspect on whether they are asleep.


Alice is sleeping soundly. It is the first time after so many days that she does not suffer from insomnia. She lies beside David and John. John often tosses and turns, and making small noises. As the prison guard walks off stage and inspect on the audience before he leaves, who are far away from the people on stage, Rachel tiptoes in order not to wake others and came near Alice. She crosses David and tries to approach Alice.


Music starts to subsides.


Rachel: (whispering, gently pushing Alice) Alice……Alice……. Wake up…….


Alice rolls over but her eyes are still closed


Rachel: Alice listen……they have made up their mind……We have to be prepared in three days.


Alice: (Rubbing her eyes, sleepy.) What? What do you mean?


Rachel: (Excited but tries to suppress her voice.) It is coming. We will be performing! We need to get everything prepared before the last day comes. It is happening, Alice.


Alice: (Sits up) Oh……I thought it should take longer. There should be more days to come. They never rush like this before. Where did you hear about it?


Rachel: Mrs. Robinson!


David: (He was not asleep) Mrs. Robinson?


Rachel looks at John and then David, gesturing him to be quite. Alice buries her head into her arms.


David: Ha! She can’t even save herself. How ironic is it! Sacrificing your soul and the only thing you know is your shameful death? She should just go straight to……


Alice: Jesus Christ! He will hear it! (Looks at John, and then David.)


John groans and gets into a tantrum. Rachel tries to calm him.


Rachel: Hey there, it’s alright. (Turns to David.) What’s wrong with you?


David: (stared at John, feeling guilty and lowers his voice.) He has to know it anyway. We can’t lie to him forever. It’s not a


Voices: Get up you scums! Line up! Follow orders!

The four of them get up, and walk around in the same robotic movements. They brush their teeth, gargles.


Voices: Get up you scums! Line up! Follow orders! Keep your heads down! Don’t talk!

They lined up and the guard hand them their breakfast, and they sat down.


John: (Happily waves his hand and speaks quickly and vaguely) Bread! Bread has social and emotional significance beyond its importance in nutrition


Alice and Rachel laughed


David: Hey philosopher. Since when has bread become your best friend?


John ignores him and engages in his own world.


Rachel: Anyway, should we discuss our performance? What will be our topic? What character should I play this time? Come on guys, we have to make it in three days! Alice?


Alice: (stares down) What are we supposed to do? We have tried every possible way. Comedy, tragedy, realism, surrealism……None of those seem to work this time. None of those seem appropriate. We can’t just come up with a random topic and fooled everyone.


Rachel: Come on Alice. Don’t you remember how well it worked before? People love our performance. (Stands up) We make them laugh and cry. They can only forget about pain or misery……because of us! They will be very disappointed if we don’t. Besides, it would be our last……David?


David: Basically the whole thing has always been dumb idea.


Rachel: You’re not helping at all!


David: Let me finish alright. You guys know how I hate the ideas of performance and how stupid it is when everyone considers it a salvation. I never believe in that. But I never quit, did I? I join every damn stupid show because…… (Paused and stared at Alice) You are the only one that knows how to make those miseries bearable.


John screamed happily, and keep shouting out Alice’s name. David grabbed his hands.


David: Shut up alright. You are getting us killed.


Alice (rather calm): He doesn’t like touching, David.


Voices: Who make the disturbance! Who dares to disobey the orders!


John (quietly rubbing his hands, leaning forward to David): Afraid of noises. You are afraid of everything. You crawl desperately everyday to get out of darkness but you can’t. You are stuck. We are all stuck here until the voices finally find out it is you who are afraid, and they will tear you apart.


David wants to hit John, but he takes a deep breath and backs out. John is leaning forward and backward. The rest of them remain silent


Rachel: Alice?


Alice: Alright. We will do it. (John making movements to show his happiness) But this time should be different. We need to perform a story that is not too melodramatic. Don’t mention about what happened on the fourth day. People deserve a better story. The reality is cruel enough already.


Rachel: Great! So we will do it! (Stands up, cheering) I know it will be our best performance! We should start thing about out plot……and of course characters! What will should be this time? I prefer a romantic story. People love romantic stories.


Alice (laughs): Calm down, Rachel. No need to be so dramatic. It’s just a performance. Nothing more.


Rachel (looks at Alice unbelievingly): Are you kidding? It’s our last show! We must make the most of it. It will be the most spectacular thing the audience ever seen!


The others are influenced by Rachel’s enthusiasm and cannot help but laugh. Rachel reaches out her arms to David, although at first reluctantly, he eventually gets up joined Rachel in a dance. They hum and dance around Alice and John.


Alice: Enough enough! You make me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts!


David and Rachel invite Alice to join them, and Alice stands up. She is happy but her movements seem restrained. John is indulged in his own world.


David: So when should we start rehearsing? If we are efficient enough, we can finish everything in three days.


Alice: Tomorrow. We will start everything tomorrow. Let’s get some rest today and we can discuss out story tomorrow. I will talk to Mrs. Robinson and she should be able to cover for us. There should be plenty of time.


David: Sure boss. (Bows) It’s your call.


Rachel: Sounds good to me.


Voices: What are you still doing there! Get up and line up outside you filthy creatures!


Alice: I will be coming in a second. You guys go first.


David and Rachel nodded and walk hastily away. After they are gone, Alice walks towards John and tries to grab him, but John flinches.


Alice (sighs): Do you understand what we are doing? We are going to perform in front of a lot of people. They really count on us, and we don’t want to disappoint them. You see, John. It is our last performance and we must not fail. And I really need you to help me, so that means not losing your temper, and not making David angry like that. Can you promise me?


John nods. Alice smiles and pats on his shoulders. John doesn’t like it but he tries to stay still because he doesn’t want to disappoint Alice.


Alice: Good good. Now let’s go before it’s too late.


John is relieved and runs off stage eagerly. Alice stares at him and then the audience.


Alice: We are going to be fine. Nothing can hurt us because we refuse to be their slaves. We are going to be fine.




End of Scene One

Scene two

The next day. Alice, Rachel, David and John gathers at a private space away from others. The four of them are a bit tired. Rachel keeps staring outside in fear of the guards.


Rachel: (Nervously) Did you tell Mrs. Robinson? You know we will get in big trouble if the…… (she looks at John to make sure he isn’t listening) if they found out.


Alice: Don’t worry. I spoke to her yesterday. She said she would arrange it.


David (In despite): She did not get too exaggerated right? Every time she gets emotional and I can’t bear her crying like a horse.


Rachel: David!


Alice: It’s alright Rachel. Mrs. Robinson said she would really appreciate us doing the performance. She would gather enough audience for us.


David: Enough audience, right. Ironic isn’t it? There would never be enough people to sacrifice for their sins. We are just numbers for them to count as trophies.


Alice and Rachel stared at him unbelievingly. David realized he shouldn’t have said that. He paced and scratched his head.


David: Sorry.


John tries to get everyone’s attention by doing gestures in front of them. He breaks the silence.


John: Pretend and pretend! In front of everyone and they like us! Transcend purpose of love on stage and everywhere else in the world. They will not hear us but we understand ourselves!


The others laughed.


Alice: I have to agree with our philosopher this time. Well said, John. Let’s not waste any more time. We should start right now.


Rachel: Sure. Now that’s start with our topic first? What story should we tell this time? How about a fairy tale? The stories our parents used to tell us when we are little?


David: Didn’t we perform it last time? We have done it already? The audience want something different. Fairy tales are for children. How about something that closer to the reality?


Alice: We did fairy tale last time, and the reaction is great. Remember how they come over to us in tears and joy? They don’t need to be reminded of reality. We should create a world, a different world for them to forget. Children need hope and adults need courage to live.


Rachel: David has a point, Alice. We already did it. How about a romantic story?


Alice: Romantic story?


Rachel: Yes! (She moves around as if she were in the drama already) Something about heroes, adventures, and falling in love. Staying here for such a long time make us forget about dreams. We should show them that there are……


David: There are what? Hope? Seriously, it’s our last show. It’s their last show as well. Don’t you think we should tell people the truth? They are not stupid. They know what is going on.


Rachel looks disappointed and almost burst into tears. John is aware of her emotions but is puzzled on what is going on.


Alice: (Comes over to comfort Rachel) Then what do you suggest, David? What do you want to perform? You know you are in a really funny mood today.


David: (a silence) I don’t know. I am not……I am not a good actor or so. It is just maybe we should show them the reality. We are not alright. Things have gone worse. Hope would not save you from dangers and death. Nothing would. We are all going to ……. (He looks at John, but he is happily engaged in his own imagination.) Well……perhaps you’re right. People need fantasies. It would kill me to see John knows about everything.

Rachel: (Sobbing)Everything is different this time. Why can’t we just do it like we always do? We used to have lots of fun. I don’t want to reminded of where I am. I know it. Every day in the morning before I open my eyes I wish everything never happens. I was still back home. My mom would be there to wake me up any second but I always pretended I was asleep……We always have lots of fun while we rehearse for our performance.


Alice (tries to cheer everyone up): Well, how about this? We will do a romantic story? Rachel will be the most beautiful heroine and David will be a lonely soldier who never dares to fall in love? And I shall be the village girl who embarks on her journey?


David: It’s fine with me. Just in case you didn’t know, I was very popular back in school then. It would be hard for me to portray someone who never falls in love.


Rachel(smiles): Oh come on. No need for bragging. Everyone knows about your story. Wait! How about John? What should he be?


John heard someone call his name and stop his movements.


Alice: John, what would you like to be? How about the David’s loyal horse? Do you like the idea? It would be fun.


John: Fun. (He repeated) David’s horse. (He giggled.) Will be fun. A lot of fun.


Alice: You will be great in it. I know. Now let’s decides our setting should we? Remember what we always do?


David and Rachel (together): Be our characters. Think what they think. Talk what they talk. Do what they do.


Alice: Right. This is important. If you want to move your audience, you need to become your characters. You have to understand their struggles and weaknesses, or else there would be no soul in the performance.


Rachel (eagerly): Can we start now? Alice? (Doing gestures as if she was already in the drama.)


David: Seriously, is it necessary to be so exaggerated? Look at her movements. Don’t you think it’s hilarious? (Turns towards John.)


John: Hilarious. Like all of us in the wrong circus. Nothing is right. She is chasing her own tail and forgets to move forward. There is a road but she chooses to run towards forests.


Rachel: How dare you! I challenge you to a sword fight with me. Let’s see can you still tease others when you lose in a mess. (Pretending she has a sword)


John looks scared, running behind David. David tries to push him in front.


David: Well……I……I don’t fight girls. (He turned to Alice) Who……who are you? What are you doing here?


Alice shakes her head and laughs.


Rachel: Isn’t it you who always tell us to “be” our characters? Now who is the coward afraid of challenges and can’t even speak for herself?


Alice pretends to be angry and chase after Rachel.


Alice: Although I know nothing about fighting. I can’t use sword, nor do I have the strength to fight off villains. But I will never give up, and never surrender……especially to you!


The girls acting to engage in a fight, and left the stage. David gazes at them and laugh as they left the stage. After they leave, he looked a bit sad, although he still smiles. He walks towards John, who is now curling up and leaning forward and backward. He wants to touch him but John flinches.


David: Sorry. I forgot. Do you understand what we are doing right now? This time we are going to perform to a lot of people. Yes, more than our previous performances. It would be our last one. (He tries to say something but then holds back) I guess you will never understand. But it would be the last time the four of us stay together. No, no. (He comforts John) Just try and enjoy it alright. It should be fun.


John stares at David, as if he understands him. He then leaves but keep stares back at David.


David (looks into audience): Just try to enjoy it……we are going to be fine, John. Those people……they don’t deserve to be humans, they beat us, they treat us like nothing, but we are more than that. We are alive at this moment, and we will not give in. They could not take our dignity away from us…… (He wants to speak more but holds back)





End of Scene Two

Scene Three


Alice, Rachel, David and John are in a place away from others. They look nervous. David keeps having deep breath to come himself down while John is not aware of the situation. Rachel is practicing and lines and moving around.


Alice: David, you need to come down. There is still an hour to go. Gosh, you are sweating!


David: How can you possibly be so calm? They will all enter this place in no time. We have to be well prepared. (nervously) Did Mrs. Robinson knows about this?


Alice: Yes, I told her. I guess I better confirm with her later. Any mistake would ruin everything. John, are you alright? We are going to perform later. Do you understand?


Rachel (waves her hands so that John would notice her): Come on John. We will practice again okay? David? Should we rehearse our lines? I am a bit confused about the ending. Perhaps we should run through it again.


John: There would be no ending! (giggles)There will never be ending! We are trapped here, and they will watch us.


Rachel: Alice, can you help us? We will go through our lines again and you can direct us. I always feel like we should change the ending a bit. It seems to me that your character deserves a better …….


Alice (interrupts her): Of course. Let’s see whether we should change it.


The four of them stand in position.


David: You, young girl (he turned to Alice, looks in an arrogant way.) Oh what makes such a young girl wonder in the woods by herself? (Turns to the audience.) Don’t you know forests are dangerous these days? There are thieves and beasts prepare to pray on you in any second. (Act as if he was a beast.)


Alice (nervously): Sorry sir……I am trying to……trying to find my family. Do you know where is the termination?


David: (Confusingly)Termination?


Alice (scared): Yes, they told me my family is over there. Well……. I was separated from them during…… during…… You must have heard of it! The winds came as furious beasts and blew everyone away to the termination. (She gestured.) They said only in termination there will be no war, and no…… (begins to feel more at ease, and happy as she recalls about termination.)


Rachel: (Suddenly recalls something.) Alice?


Alice: Miss? Excuse me, do I know you? How do you know my name?


Rachel: Alice! You have to see Mrs. Robinson! It’s almost time!


It struck Alice that she should come and tell Mrs. Robinson right now. She looks surprised and finally responds to Rachel.


Alice: (Sighs, and gets back to reality.) Right. I will find her now. You guys go on and rehearse without me.


The others move to the right side of stage. They continue their rehearsals. Alice hurries to the left and finds Mrs. Robinson. Mrs. Robinson is talking to a guard, as Alice approaches her the guard leaves and take her hands off. Mrs. Robinson buries her head in her hands, and Alice pats her on the shoulder. As she speaks the guard wonders around on stage for a while, and looks back at Mrs. Robinson, and leaves.


Alice: Mrs. Robinson. It’s me, Alice! The performance will start soon. Everyone will come over right?


Mrs. Robinson (Rubbing her eyes, sounds cheerfully): Oh Dear! How nice it is to see you. Of course people are coming. I already told everyone and they can’t wait to see you kids perform!


Alice: You told……hmm……no one won’t break in and interfere with our performance right?


Mrs. Robinson: (Looks sad and holds Alice’s cheeks with affection) Don’t worry. I told him. He said your performance will not be disturbed. He promised me. (Her eyes in tears)


Alice (avoided her eyes): I am sorry, Mrs. Robinson. It shouldn’t be like this.


Mrs. Robinson: It’s alright, child. It’s no one’s fault. You can’t expect things to always turn out the way you hope. That’s reality. That’s what we learn in wars. You know this better than I do.


Alice: (Shocked, and then rather sad.) He loves you too. I can see that……David thinks you betray us, but he doesn’t mean it. I know. You are really brave. You really are.


Mrs. Robinson: (Holds Alice’s hands.) David is a good boy, and perhaps he is right. I fall in love with someone who destroys us, don’t I? But listen, my child. Love doesn’t guarantee you a happy ending, but drama does. Do you know how brave you kids are to perform for us? For all the people? During each performance we lose some dearest friends, but you give us the courage to move on…… including this one.


Alice suddenly feels everything is on the verge of breakdown. She knows she cannot bear it anymore.


Alice: Mrs. Robinson……I…… (She wants to tell her everything but she doesn’t know what to say)


Mrs. Robinson stares at the direction of Rachel, David and John, who are now rehearing and having a lot of fun. Alice follows her sight and looks at them. Alice can hardly describe her feelings right now.


Mrs. Robinson: Go child. You should be with them right now. They need you. I will see you in a moment. I have his words. Tonight will not be us that he guards against.


Mrs. Robinson gently kisses Alice on the forehead.


Mrs. Robinson: We all deserve better, don’t we?


Alice holds Mrs. Robinson’s hands and say farewell to her. She then walks towards her friends. Mrs. Robinson looks rather sad and left.


Rachel (relieved): Oh here you are! What took you so long? Some people are already coming. I wonder if the place is big enough. (She can’t hide her excitement.)


David: Are you alright, Alice? You look pale. What did Mrs. Robinson tell you?


Alice (hesitantly): She said we will be fine today.


David: Do you want to sit down for a while? You look tired.


Rachel (Shouts loudly): Alice we forgot to tell you! We think in the ending when we reach the termination, it is better that we…….


John screams suddenly. He panics and buries himself in his arms.


David: Hey it’s alright. (He wants to comfort him but remembers John doesn’t like it) They just come to watch us perform.


Voices of people chatting. They are waiting for the performance to start.


Alice: We will keep the original ending as we did yesterday. Shall we start now?


Rachel disagrees but does not say anymore. The four of them stand in their position as Alice begin to speak and David and Rachel prepares for their opening scenes. The crowd become quite as they wait for Alice to speak.


Alice (She can feel her voice shaking, which is rare in her case. She is never afraid of performing): It’s a story of love, of betrayal, of hatred, and of courage. It’s a story about an over optimistic heroine who always get into trouble, a lonely soldier traveling with his loyal horse but incapable of love, and a village girl who pretends to be brave all the time. (She stutters at the last sentence)


The performance continues and the public enjoys it. But David and Rachel notice something wrong with Alice.


Rachel: (Moves to center stage, and draws out the sword.) Let’s see whether you can still be so arrogant when I slay you into pieces.


David: Well……I……I don’t fight girls. (He avoids Rachel’s attack and sees Alice during his tempt to escape. There is are sounds of the audience laughing.) Oh what makes such a young girl wonder by herself in the woods? There are thieves and beasts prepare to pray on you in any second.


Alice did not respond. She stared at the audience in emptiness. David cleared his throat to remind her.


David: Well, young girl?


Alice: (Turns to David, and realizes it’s her time to speak, but her voice is flat.) Oh! Sorry sir……I am trying to find my family. Do you know…… where is the termination? (She feels everything suffocating)


David: Termination?


Alice (shaking) I was separated from them during…… during…… You must have heard of it! The winds came as furious beasts and blew everyone away to the termination. (She gestured.) They said only in termination there will be no war, and no…………. Screw it! (Alice breaks down and begins crying) I can’t do it. I can’t tell lies anymore. We are all going to die when the sun rises tomorrow. (She shouts at the audience desperately.) We will die. Don’t you understand? Those monsters will kill us all! Why are you all here watching the performance? Grabbing the last hope to escape the reality? Let’s face the truth (She can’t hold back her emotions anymore) We are dying. They took away everyone we love and destroyed everything we ever owned, and now we are like idiots who live in our own fantasy.


The audience gasps and remains silent. There are sounds of younger children crying. Rachel and David look shocked. John begins screaming because he has never seen Alice like this.


Alice (she stared at David): You’re right. We need something closer to reality. (She run off stage)

Rachel: (Desperate.) Alice!


David stands there in shock and clenches his fists. The audience begins to quiet down, and there we can only her John’s sobbing.



End of Scene Three

Scene Four


Rachel anxiously paces back and forth. David is rather calm and thoughtfully. John is sobbing.


Rachel: Can you believe it? She just left us on stage. We look like fools over there. What is wrong with her?


John (cries louder): Alice not coming back. She knows it! She knows the truth!


Rachel: Shh……. (She reaches out her hands but John flinches) She will be back alright. Alice will be fine, and so are we. Do you understand what is going on right now? It’s not your fault, okay? You did very well onstage. We are very proud of you. Alice is just sad. People are sad from time to time…… (She looks at David) Can you look after him for a moment?


David: Where are you going?


Rachel leaves to find Alice. David and John sit in the corner. David is contemplating while John just lies on the floor quietly. Rachel finds Alice sitting on the other side.


Rachel (angrily): It’s not fair! You can’t leave like this!


Alice: Please Rachel, just leave me alone.


Rachel: How could you do that to everyone? It’s a performance, Alice. You don’t back out like a coward. People rely on us. For Christ sake, what are you thinking? Do you think you are the only one that suffers? (Her voice trembles as her eyes full of tears) Every day I wake up I hope it is a dream, Alice. I wish I were already dead. I wish I did not survive the bombing so I don’t need to be trapped in here! (She is too agitated to continue)


Alice: I’m sorry I ruined the performance. I can’t do it, Rachel. Maybe we shouldn’t have started in the first place.


Rachel: You put us together. The four of us. You said you like drama because it is fun, and we could become anyone we want. So we performed every time before some are put to death. You want to do fairy tales because it brings people hope, but you never believe in it. It means the world to us……. but to you, everything is…….


Alice (covers up her ears and sobs): Please……


Rachel: What do I look like to you? An over optimistic girl who lives in her heroic fantasy? (She paused for a moment) If I stop convincing myself to be hopeful, I could never have held on for such a long time.


Rachel leaves Alice and walks towards David and John. She sits beside John and cries quietly. David pats Rachel on the shoulder and stands up. He walks towards Alice. He sits down beside her.


David: How are you holding up?


Alice (raises her head from her arms): I’m sorry I let all of you down.


David: No worries, Alice. It happens to all of us.


Alice: (Cries) I just don’t know how I can keep doing it. I can’t pretend to be some else I’m not and tell everyone things will be fine, because they are not. I see their faces and I let them down as well. I promise my family I will survive, so I try everything I can to stay alive, but now I feel a bit relieved I can finally see them tomorrow…….in the termination.


David: (Turns to the audience.) Do you remember how you convince me to perform? God……. my brother just passed away. I resented everything……I hate everyone……. well I still do (They both laughed) Then you came over to me, the hopelessly hopeful girl who asked me whether I would like to perform inside this dreadful prison. I thought you were one of those who never understood how serious the war is going on out there, but I guess I was wrong……. It takes courage to act as someone else when you try to bring others hope.


Alice stares at David.


David: Ignore the crap I said about how the performance should relates to reality alright? (Sighs) God knows, who gets to judge what it is?


Alice leans forward and hugs David


David: Take your time, Alice. People are fine. We will be there waiting for you. Always.


David stands up and walks towards Rachel and John. He sits next to Rachel. They chat. Rachel looks rather calm right now. Before they can stop John, he has already gets up walks towards Alice.


Alice (sees John): Hey buddy. (rubs off her tears) I am really sorry. Are you alright? I didn’t mean to leave you like that. It’s just…….


John shakes his head and waves his hands to stop Alice from comforting him.


John: Afraid of noises. Afraid of everything. Stuck here until the noises find out you scared. (He tries very hard to clearly pronounce each word) People like us. We talk about purpose of love on stage and everywhere else in the world.


Alice: (surprised) John, what are you……


John: (Shakes his head.) There will be no ending. They are watching us! We are in a circus. (He gets more and more excited) They can’t. They can never tear us apart.


Alice (surprised but also touched): You understand!


Alice is shocked and stays in silent.


John (eagerly): Do you understanding what we are doing now? They really count on us, and we don’t want to disappoint them. You see, John. It is our last performance and we must not fail.


Alice (smiles): They will not hear us but we understand ourselves.


John is happy, and he makes some cheerful sounds. He reaches his hand to Alice. Alice hesitates at first, and slowly puts her hand in John’s. John doesn’t flinch. He took Alice back where David and Rachel are. There is a silence when they see her.

Alice kneels in front of Rachel.


Alice: What was the ending you try to tell me?


Rachel(shocked): What?


Alice: The one you want to change?


Rachel smiles and leans forward to Alice. She uses her hand to cover Alice’s ears as if she is telling her a secret. Alice stares at her understandingly.


Rachel: I didn’t mean what I said to you before, Alice. You deserve a better one.


Alice (nods, and looked at others): Shall we? We still have our last performance. It will be the most spectacular thing the audience have ever seen.


David: Most spectacular.


The four of them enter the stage again and face the audience. To their surprise, they hear the audience cheering and clapping for them lively. The four of them stare at each other and smile. This time they are well prepared. As Alice clears her throat, the audience becomes quite.


Alice stands forward. She holds hands of others. Music of Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the wind begins to play, and the volume becomes louder gradually.


Alice (She feels confident. Before she speaks she knows it is going to be a great performance.): It’s a story of love, of betrayal, of hatred, and of courage. It’s a story about an over optimistic heroine who always gets into trouble but never gives up hope, and a lonely soldier who is incapable of love but is never afraid of in sharing it to others. He travels with his loyal horse, who understands the truth of life in a way most people don’t. And of course, a village girl who pretends to be brave all the time……for those people she loves deeply.


Alice smiles along with others, they all look into the audience.



End of Scene Four


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